Yantai Xinyang Electronics 2019 Goddess Festival and 2018 Summary and Commendation Conference


On March 8, 2019, Goddess Day,

the second day of the second lunar month, the dragon raised its head,

In this century-old Dragon and Phoenix Day, all employees of Yantai Xinyang Electronics Co., Ltd. ushered in their own celebration: Xinyang Electronics’ 2019 Goddess Festival and 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference!

At the same time of celebration of the two festivals and the warmth of spring, Yantai Longjingchun Hotel ushered in the spring breeze, full of pride, Xinyang employees and guests from all over the world. On the stage, the large LED screen is booming and festively showing the theme of the conference: Join hands to pursue dreams and create greater glories!

11:38 With the end of the countdown, the host debuted in the beautiful melody of “Xinyang Welcome You”, and the conference set sail!

Mr. Jiang Shiliang giving a speech

Yantai Xinyang Electronics Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core values ​​of honesty, focus, gratitude and innovation since its establishment, and upholds the corporate spirit of integrity, dedication, and pursuit of excellence, and continues to expand the market to create value for customers!
Looking back on 2018, Xinyang’s team continued to grow and its team building was becoming more and more perfect. Under the leadership of model cadres and employees, Xinyang continued to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, forge ahead, and strive for perfection. It successfully opened up foreign markets and achieved an output value of more than 100 million, and its employees were happy. Dreams have created a leading position in the industry!

2018 outstanding employee awards

2018 Excellent Cadre Awards

The third prize of the 2018 General Manager Innovation Award

The first and second prizes of the 2018 General Manager Innovation Award

Mr. Jiang shared the toast

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the motherland in 2019, Xinyang employees will use the corporate spirit of honesty, dedication and excellence to complete the business goal of 180 million, present a gift to the great motherland, and create new brilliance! We are grateful for living in this beautiful era, and we are grateful for having Xinyang platform! Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. What Xinyang Electronics gives employees is not only a material guarantee, but also a perfect interpretation of the spiritual world.

Winding workshop dance-into the new era

heat treatment workshop chorus-everyone paddles and drives the big boat

Three and a half sentences brought by the veteran cadres of Xinyang Electronics—Xinyang Brilliant

The dance brought by the young team in the injection molding workshop—learn how to cry

Administrative Personnel Department Solo—Youai Nationality

Winding workshop costume sketches-harem biography

Quality Control Department Solo—Desert Camel

Component Workshop Dance—Indian Dance

Electromagnet Workshop Girls Chorus—365 Blessings

Office Managers-Douyin Dance Skewers

Component workshop sketches-goddess and female man

Quality Control Department Singing and Dance-Me and My Motherland

Mr. Jiang Solo Solo—Start Over

Automated workshop dance-a good start

Warehouse Dance-Black and White Legs

Needle Workshop Dance—Starting to Happiness

Electromagnet Workshop Dance—Everyone is happy

The annual meeting is over, the host takes a group photo with Mr. Jiang

Group photo with guests

Group photo with guests

Thanks to all the guests and Xinyang family. Let us continue our joy and write our glory in Xinyang. The new year has begun. New journey, new blessings and new expectations. We are full of pride and responsibility at Xinyang. , Bring our wishes to greet a better tomorrow! Love is in Xinyang and it is difficult to leave. Together we look forward to meeting again in 2020! Bless Xinyang is always brilliant!

Post time: Mar-08-2019