Mid-2019 summary kick-off meeting, team morale display & barbecue DIY

On July 6, 2019, banners in the courtyard of Yantai Xinyang Electronics Co., Ltd. were high, festive music surrounded, slogans one after another, and “2019 Xinyang Electronics Mid-Year End Kick-off Meeting” banners, ribbons and balloons were high in the conference room of the office building. The outfit was particularly festive, and Xinyang people ushered in the annual mid-year summary series of activities. At 13:30, the management meeting officially started under the guidance of “Song of Xinyang”. Each department head and workshop supervisor respectively summarized the work in the first half of the year and analyzed the department’s own problems. The work focus of the second half of 2019 was planned. General Manager Jiang Shiliang listened After all the staff’s work report was completed, each department was given a serious comment, and the work arrangements for the second half of the year were deployed based on the current market situation. The winding workshop, equipment section, assembly workshop, production department, and quality control department were also praised. The implementation of the unit’s work plan was fully affirmed, and we thank them for their dedication to achieving Xinyang’s goals. In our daily work, there is a lot of room for improvement in our management process and work results. We must use our own advantages and team strength to set sail for Xinyang to realize the century-old Xinyang dream. Xinyang people must abandon their comfortable working conditions, actively integrate the changes in the market environment, develop a wolfish work style, and actively develop new products on the basis of ensuring the quality of the original products, and bravely go out to grab a dominant market share. After the general speech, all managers jointly swear that we must use actions to influence those around us, lead by example, challenge ourselves, continue to learn, influence others, not tell lies, stay away from right and wrong, never be complacent, strive for the first place, and be qualified Xinyang people. Pursue quality, keep improving, keep innovating, open up the market, and always meet customer needs. As Xinyang people, we must understand Mr. Jiang’s business ideas and follow the pace of Xinyang’s development. Xinyang not only provides us with a platform to make money, but also teaches us the true meaning of life. We are grateful to Xinyang platform and thank you for your hard work.

At 16:30, the team in the branch compound is neat and orderly. The hot sun in the summer should have bake the earth, but the spirit, spirit and spirit of Xinyang people have been exchanged for a little blue cloud to cover the sun, and a gust of breeze slowly adds to the team’s morale display. With comfortable air, today our morale display reflects the excellent corporate atmosphere of the Xinyang team’s family, school, and military. Our team must concentrate on lay a solid foundation for the century-old Xinyang. I hope that we will keep the unity and capable action style we showed today in our daily work. The uniform pace reflects the unity of knowledge and action of Xinyang people. In the end, the results are also shown to everyone in the wonderful display. We Xinyang The product’s terminal production line winding workshop, component workshop, needle workshop and quality inspector quality department won the top three. The components and winding workshops have achieved good results in daily production. Needle making is also working hard as a rising star To catch up with the double harvest of quality and sales, the Quality Department strictly controls the quality to ensure that Xinyang products keep improving. One minute on the stage and ten years of work. After serious work, they actively do a good job in team building, so they have achieved excellent results. We must learn from an excellent team, and at the same time, abandon bad habits in daily work and give full play to our own advantages. Business objectives.

The climax of the activity kicked off in a lively and joyful barbecue. The fiery charcoal fire is just like our original intention to fight for our dreams and Xinyang’s thriving business performance. Bless Xinyang. Xinyang’s family members are unified in thinking and step-by-step. In the future work, we must use our own advantages to work hard for Xinyang’s century-old dream and ensure the completion of 2019 business goals.

Post time: Jul-07-2019