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YanTai Xin Yang Electronic Co. Is located in the north of China and supplies the finished Stator and coils (E-block) to ISA Switzerland.

The Company is equipped with machines from Switzerland: TORNOS, STRAUSAK and WAHLI and produces via Swiss process any kind of movement parts.

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—— Machine and capacity overview

  Machine brand/Modle Kinds of part Monthly-capacity (pieces)
Lathing TORNOS pinion lathing 2500~3000K
Gear-hobbing STRAUSAK 30 pinion gear cutting 2500~3000K
STRAUSAK 30RPA Wheel gear cutting
WAHLI(with loader) Gear cutting
Lambert 109 Sliding pinion
Grinding STRAUSAK 119 (With loader) Axle grinding 500k~1000k
Auto riveting agafa Part mounting 500k

For the lathing and gear hobbing can reach tolerance within 0.01, for the lathing division can make mostly all turning parts for movement and also stem crown after polishing.

Gear hobbing can manufacture of module as 0.065 for pinion and wheel, cutting parts number of teeth from range 5 to 390.

Grinding process with Swiss tooling, roughness can reach tolerance of maximum Ra0.02 (GB-1031-83) ,equivalent to international norm Ra 0.025

Manufacture complete metal rotor with laser welding process, can fulfill Swiss electronic movement product quality requirement, and drive out force minimum 5N

Matured process to make e-block for Swiss Chrono with programming chips, Rate can reach within +/-15 seconds per month.

Auto riveting process with Swiss made auto mounting machine, radial/axial tolerance within 0.025 per disc teeth, concentricity tolerance within 0.015 per disc teeth

Producing gear box, single and double hand version, full metal, low consumption for smart watch

With the Swiss made machine and process output can reach very high accuracy, product extent from full electronic movement gear-train, smart watch gear box to measure instrument gears.

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